Sanctuary! 1937


During the medieval period, Beverley was famous for being a sanctuary town. Many criminals, usually murderers, were able to seek legitimate refuge from the law by escaping to Beverley Minster…...

Disaster on the Humber

disaster on the humber

On 23 August 1921, the R38 airship exploded over the River Humber, near Hull, and crashed into its waters. The R38 had been based at Howden and was going to…...

Saturday Market shopping in Beverley 1965

beverley market

Saturday Market has been around in Beverley since the 12th century; it is older than St Mary’s Church. Take a look at this ancient institution as it looked in the…...

What's on

Hull Fair

HEYToday recommends

The largest travelling fair in Europe, hosting some of the tallest and fastest travelling rides in the world. The...

October 9th - October 17th

Hands on History Museum

The old Grammar School, Hull’s oldest secular building and the place William Wilberforce studied is now home to the...

July 25th - December 12th

Princes Quay Student Fest

Student Discount Night boasts a huge variety of offers, discounts, sales, freebies, entertainment and activities galore. Open to all...

October 6th

Exhibition: Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants

This is a new exhibition focusing on the world-renowned children’s illustrator and author, Nick Sharratt.  It brings to life his colourful...

October 17th - January 10th